Teaching the 2nd Commandment

The second commandment was a lot harder to explain to the kids. The word idols completely went over their head so I focused on the word God. First we talked about how God was special because he made up the Holy Trinity. I explained this with an apple. I told them how the skin was like God, he protected us no matter what. The seed was like the Holy Spirit because it was hidden and helped us grow. Jesus was the flesh, who nourished our soul. The kids loved that idea, so much so that Torie took a couple nibbles of the apple before I could take a photo.

Next we started on our hand craft. I read the kids their Bible story about the golden calf and we talked about how no other God existed but ours. Even after being saved from Egypt, the people Moses led were easily distracted and made a statue to worship instead. It made a lot of good points about how easy it to put your faith in something fake. The only thing you can really trust is the one true Lord. I printed out little golden calves and taped them to the kids hand outlines. Then they decorated their hands, making sure to cross out the calf. Before hanging it up next to their first commandment hand we wrote One God on each.

Our last craft was based on the kind of idols that kids are more familiar with. My kids are huge fans of Disney so this was a great starting point for a conversation about heroes. It was fine to look up to and admire characters that seem larger than life. But that kind of devotion is dangerous when it conflicts with your faith. My son made sure to tell me that Jesus was the best superhero and I felt comforted in that this isn’t something they have struggled with yet. We made a collage using Disney characters and are hanging them up to remind us to guard our hearts against false idols.

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