Sunday School: Do Not Take the Lords Name In Vain

3rd Commandments activities are on the agenda today. The third commandment is, Do Not Take the Lords Name In Vain. My kids are already potty mouth police for any word that they consider curse words. They had no idea about the f word until hearing it in a song recently but if you said stupid in their presence they were all over you. God is one of those words they will call you out on, you can’t even get away with Gosh. Torie always reminds me to use goodness instead.
I focused more on teaching the kids all of the names of God so that they knew all of them were special. The first activity we did was a folding sticks craft. Write the different names on a different stick and lay them flat, I used God, Lord, Holy Spirit, and Jesus. Use one large piece of tape to keep them together, staggering them slightly so that they can lay flat against each other. Tape the other side and you are good to go.

The second activity also focused on the different names. I wrote the names in big font and printed them out. Then I cut each letter out and let the kids assemble the names together. My son used the stick craft as reference, he is learning to sight read and I loved being able to combine this new skill into Sunday school.

To end our day we added the next hand craft to our commandment wall. This time I had the kids draw whatever they wanted on the hand and then we taped the Lord’s Prayer on it. Prayer is such a special way to bring honor to the Lord and his name. We are also beginning to learn the apostle’s creed. It’s longer than anything my kids have tackled so far so we hung it up and are learning it section by section.

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