Sneakers in the Water: A Debut Novel by Nita Farris

One Vision Changed Terry Shaw’s life. She has been able to see the past since childhood, using her unique abilities to help victims of violence. But nothing could prepare her for the piece of the past that wasn’t content to stay in the shadows. One Night Changed the course of Claire Shaw’s future. Claire was the only “normal” one in her family and had run as far as she could from a legacy she wanted no part of. Graduating college was supposed to be Claire’s next big adventure. But that adventure was ripped from her. One Accident Leaves a family broken. An accident that shatters the wall between this life and the next. Claire is forced to go home and face the demons of her childhood. However, this time the shadows aren’t hiding and a very real killer is hunting the rest of her family down. This time Claire’s ghosts have teeth and are prepared to use them. Her family could see the future but soon Claire will find out that even psychics have no idea when their life is about to end. Sneakers in the Water takes you through a journey of heart break, second chances, and answers the question: How do you solve a murder that hasn’t happened yet?

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