Blog Challenge: Meaning Behind Our Blog Name

Meaning Behind the Blog Name

Naptime is kind of magical when you become a parent. Babies and toddlers sleep a lot, but it’s not the deep sleep you imagine when you are pregnant. My son slept so much when he was first born, but only wanted to take those naps while wrapped in my arms. It was quiet and the snuggling was nice, but feeling like you could not get anything done was so hard. When my son was a newborn it felt like a huge accomplishment when he was was finally sleep trained. I was able to quietly do chores, work out, or finally take a shower before midnight. When my second child was born we started sleeping training immediately. My little girl was able to sleep in a noisy room and in her own crib, something that saved my sanity completely.
My kids are two and five now, which I thought would help me work more from home during the day. It’s still next to impossible, my husband works nights and uses our room during the day to sleep so my office is downstairs in my living room. My kids love to chat to me, ask for things, and especially argue with each other while I am trying to write. I wouldn’t give this stay at home mom life up for anything, so it just takes some planning and creativity to get things done. Naptime for me is like the golden hour in painting, the time of the day when I am the most awake and able to write like I have all the time in the world. I can drink my second cup of coffee as slowly as I want and for the next two hours I am on my own time.
The endless part is a little bit harder to explain. I love their naptime because it’s when I am able to write and clean my hurricane of a house. But it’s also a time of their life I want to last forever. When I was nursing my daughter she fell asleep in my arms so lazily and I could have stared at her little eyelashes and open mouth for hours. When my son was being sleep trained in our new apartment I put him to bed by rocking him in my arms and signing his favorite songs to him. Now he barely fits in my lap and for the most part puts himself to sleep at night. That time of their life when they could fall asleep anywhere or fell asleep on accident while snuggling together on the couch is so brief. I want their childhood to last forever. Endless Naptime.

Endless Naptime
I wish I could hold onto moments like this forever!