Blog Challenge: 10 Facts About Me


This year has been huge in terms of my writing journey. When I was 18 I was actually learning to be an optician. It was a job I kind of fell into so that I could afford my first apartment with my then boyfriend. My boyfriend, Thyler, and I had been together for 3 years and after one year of living together I found out that I was pregnant. It changed our lives more than I could have ever imagined. Not only did we have to grow up in order to be parents, but it ended up being the scariest blessing of my life.

I became a stay at home mom, we got married after almost six years of being in love, and my new husband encouraged me to go to school for something I actually loved since I was going to be home. It was my chance to follow my dreams, all because of a positive pregnancy test. I will never be able to truly express what that chance from my husband meant, I didn’t grow up in an environment where my dreams mattered. But he cared and here I am. I got a vocational degree in freelance writing and spent the next couple years casually querying websites and magazines. At the beginning of this year I took a risk and stared a blog. It has been the most fulfilling job and I feel so lucky to be able to follow my dreams and reach so many people.

So in honor of the end of my first year blogging, I am taking a popular blogging challenge from Pinterest. For the next 30 days I will write a post about myself, giving you more insight into the person I am. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.

Day 1: 10 Facts About Me

  1. I am one of six children. I have a huge family and absolutely love it. My dad was one of six kids and I grew up being surrounded by so many cousins and so much happy noise. It was very strange marrying into a tiny family and holidays consisting of the 5 people on my husbands side.
  2. I have a bucket list journal with over 400 items on it. I  love crossing them off and feeling like I am living my life to the fullest. My favorite one that we have crossed off so far was being present for someones birth, it ended up being my nephew John. Such a crazy but beautiful experience.
  3. I was a complete dork in high school. I didn’t care what other people thought and was super shy. I got straight As, wore way too much black eyeliner, and probably came off as such a jerk because I was unable to look anyone in the eye. Thank God my boyfriend (and future husband) was such a social butterfly. He makes me more brave for sure.
Three of the most important people in my life since I was 15. My little sister Kylee, my future husband Thyler, and my best friend Kylie.
Three of the most important people in my life since I was 15. My little sister Kylee, my future husband Thyler, and my best friend Kylie.

4. I love to cook but learned how pretty recently. When my husband and I first moved in together I had no idea how to make anything but shake and bake chicken. His favorite food was lasagna and I made the most memorable batch of it, only because it was completely inedible. I have also melted stove top covers, forgotten about pizza boxes in the oven and preheated them, and burned a pot roast so badly I had to throw away the pot. I have grown so much in the past six years!

5. I have had the same favorite band since I was 11, Simple Plan. I started listening to them the year my parents divorced and they became a huge source of comfort. I still get crazy excited when they release new music and my kids know every song on their latest CD. When they ask to hear Boom in the car I glow with pride.

6. Music has a huge place in my families life. We listen to it while making dinner, while playing together, and of course on road trips. Going to concerts was one of the first things I shared with my husband, in fact he took me to my first big concert during my junior year of high school. Now Warped Tour is something we look forward to all year long and we can’t wait until we can share that scene with our kids.

Kyle from We Came As Romans during our very first Warped Tour
Kyle from We Came As Romans during our very first Warped Tour

7. I converted from being a Catholic to being a Lutheran when my first child was born. I grew up religious, being baptized and taking my first Communion in the same church my parents and grandparents married in. However, after my parents divorce my dad completely gave up on God. In order to find my way back I needed to go a different route and couldn’t be more happy. Our church has supported us through the hardest parts of our life and I feel honored to raise my kids in this environment.

8. I am slightly obsessed with Hilary Swank. One of my bucket list items was to watch every film she ever worked on, which I completed this past fall. I first watched Boys Dont Cry in high school and fell in love with her completely. She goes for roles that mean something and has played so many strong women to look up to. My current favorite is You’re Not You.

9. I started painting about two years ago with my best friend and fully adore it. I have always been into crafts so this felt like something I  could have seen myself doing my entire life. Right now I work with acrylics but cant wait to experiment with water color and oil. I love painting portraits of my cats and ventriloquist dummies. At the moment I am working on a series of the puppets featured in one of my favorite directors movies, James Wan.

My latest painting, the clown dummy from James Wans Dead Silence.
My latest painting, the clown dummy from James Wans Dead Silence.

10. My favorite genre of films is horror. Going to scary movies at the theater is my favorite but I have a very low tolerance for that kind of suspense while surrounded by strangers in the dark. I usually just hang off my husbands arm and hyperventilate. Nightmare on Elm Street has to be my favorite franchise and I re watch the box set my husband got me as a wedding gift every fall. Every year I pick a new franchise to watch, this last year it was the Saw movies.