Why Being A Middle Child Is the Worst

I love being part of a big family. I am one of six kids and spent my childhood sandwiched between an older and younger sister before the smallest three joined the picture. I love my siblings, my sisters are two of my best friends in the entire world. I adore them, but I hate being the middle sister. It’s really the worst of both world. Here are 10 reasons why being the middle child sucks:
1.) We never get anyone to ourselves. Our parents have two other kids at least and are always either focused on getting the oldest in trouble or coddling the youngest. The oldest got to be first and because of that got the baby books and organic food. It was old news once I was born. However the youngest is baby and therefore more special, so again the baby books come out and everything is savored because it’s the last time.
2.) We are the only ones that have to follow rules. The oldest got to set all of the rules and the baby gets them waved away. Not only that, but the oldest doesn’t want to hang out with you so they won’t help you sneak out and the baby in the family is the first to tattle.
3.) Nothing you do is as special. You have to work so much harder to make a place for yourself in a big family. You don’t get to be the first anything and every achievement of yours is eclipsed by the siblings before you. You also don’t get to be the last.
4.) Nothing you own is new. By time you were born your parents have a ton of baby things to hand down to you. The oldest kid gets all of the cool clothes and you get clothes that are totally out of style. I was always so jealous of middle children whose older siblings were a different gender. Then they had a real chance at getting new clothes. It’s especially not fair when you consider the face that the baby gets new things because multiple hand me downs are too much. Of course, that won’t keep them trying to borrow (or steal) whatever you own regardless.
5.) The middle child always becomes the mediator between arguments. Parents really are harder on the oldest child so I always found myself coming to their aid or even covering for them. But it hurts my heart to see my baby sister in trouble, so I covered for her as well. I have to so much dirt on both of those girls, they are in my debt forever. Somehow I also ended up mediating between the two of them. Sisters fight dirty and I have spent way too many days making sure they played nice.
6.) We have to share everything. We shared a room, shared Barbie’s, my mom even bought us matching outfits that always got mixed up. I never got to be the older sibling that everyone thought was cool and got to buy a bra first.
7.) People always remember your siblings stories and have the wrong memories of you. Something about the middle is less memorable. They can tell you exactly when each of your siblings were born, the cakes they had for various years, the names of their best friends. But they always mix up the most ridiculous details about you.
8.) Because you are probably the mellowest, people have higher expectations of you. This can be nice. I was always the sibling that people expected to get good grades and trusted to house sit. No one “worries” about you. At the same time, no one worries about you. When you do make a mistake it blows everyone’s minds and they seem so much more disappointed.
9.) We are dragged to everything growing up. We are too young to stay at home so we end up going to things for kid’s way younger than us. Or, we are too young to tag along with any with our older sibling because our parents think we aren’t ready. No matter how old you are, you will never be ready for what your older sibling is doing. It’s never what you want.
10.) It’s such a double standard, you get the worst of both worlds. As far as chores go, the same things are expected out of you as expected from your older sibling. You are given the same responsibilities. At the same time, those extra responsibilities don’t mean anything. No matter what, you still have to live under the same rules as the youngest.

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