Learning About the Power of Prayer Through Isaac and Rebekah


Our preschool Sunday school lesson this week is from Genesis 24. Isaac was the son of Abraham, who was promised many descendants by God. Finding a wife for his son was very important to Abraham and he wanted Isaac to marry someone away from their hometown without moving away. To solve the problem Abraham sent his servants to find a wife for Isaac and bring her back to him. The servants prayed to God that he would help them to find the right girl and brought 10 camels and gifts for the new bride along for the journey. Once he reached the town he saw a well and thought of a test for the girls he met.

He planned to ask a girl for water and if she got water for the camels without being asked then she was the girl God picked for Isaac. The servant met a girl, asked her for water, and she not only gave him water but got water for his camels. It happened just as he prayed! After speaking with her family the servant brought the girl, named Rebekah, home. When Isaac saw Rebekah they fell in love at first sight.

To explore the first chapter in Isaac and Rebekah’s love story we talked about marriage. These days many children don’t have to ask their parents for help finding a partner but they should still be aware of Gods plan for them. Praying to find the right person and treating marriage as a sacrament is important. Together my kids and I made bracelets to represent the present that the servant gave to Rebekah in order to convince her to come home and marry Isaac. Tokens of affection in the form of engagement rings are still an important part of courting today so I loved this idea. For our bracelets I boiled some craft sticks in water for 20 minutes until they were pliable. Then I pushed them into a cup so that they curved like a bracelet and let them cool down over night. Once they were dry again we painted them. They turned out so cute and were a great addition to the kids dress up clothes.

Learning about the power of prayer
Popsicle bracelets!

The second part of our lesson talks about the power of prayer. Abraham had a very strong prayer relationship with God and the Lord kept all of his promises to him. He made Abraham and Sarah parents even though they were elderly and when Abraham prayed for that child to find a partner, she was brought to them almost immediately. Prayer works and keeps your bond with God strong! So we decide to make a craft about prayer to remind the kids of what they should be praying about and in what order. I had my kids place their hands a piece of paper with their thumbs touching and traced them. I folded the paper in half where the thumbs met and cut out the outlines, connecting the hands at the thumb. From there we wrote things to pray about on each finger.

Learning about the power of prayer

Starting at the thumb we wrote Praise God, Confess sins, thank God for your blessings, pray for others, then pray for self on one hand to show them the order you pray. Always begin prayers with praise and end with yourself! The second hand was prompts on things to pray for. Family and friends, leaders and teachers, Authority, weak or sick, and again yourself last. These were great, we hung one of the kids in the dining room and one in their room so we could reference it while praying together during meals and before bed.

For a great prayer themed snack try out recipe for Easy Prayer Pretzels. They are delicious and so easy that your kids can create them with you!

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