Happy June!

This year has passed quickly so far but we are so happy to be welcoming June into our home. This last month has been completely chaotic for us. The warmer weather winds up my wild girl and she is not happy if she is not outside running around in the sprinkler with her bare feet. Our other little one is having a hard time saying goodbye to his first year of school. Preschool helped him grow in so many ways and he is reluctant to have to take a break from classes for the three months before beginning kindergarten. His graduation ceremony is within the next couple weeks and the idea of it makes me tear up even more than him beginning school in the first place.

We have so many summer adventures ahead of us so it’s getting harder to stay inside to write, as much as I love it. I can’t wait for spending every day at the park, enjoying multiple concerts with my son and soul mate, beginning our summer reading program at the library, taking day trips with Melissa, going camping and maybe catching my first fish, visiting family, taking a million photos, and spending some much needed time in Spokane with my favorite soon to be married couple. With all of this making time inside impossible, it’s a good thing we worked so hard in May!

My husband is finishing his first term of college with great grades and we are so proud of the balancing he pulled off along with his full time job. I just began writing the second book in my soon to be published series and am loving getting to see the characters journey through fresh eyes. My blog almost doubled viewership again and the level of support, comments, emails, and encouragements this month completely blew me away!

Thank you so much to everyone who is hanging in there and cheering us on! Don’t forget to sign up for our email subscription so that you don’t miss a thing this summer!