Happy August!

Happy August! I hate that summer is so close to being over but July was one to remember. We broke a viewership record once again! Thank you so much! I love receiving emails from all of you. Your support means the world to me.

At the beginning of the month, I received the proof copies of my novel in the mail and the beta reader editing began. It’s been terrifying having my work out in the world but also extremely satisfying. I only have one beta reader left then will finish the manuscript edits. I revamped the cover and am planning my virtual book tour. My new September deadline feels possible and so very real!

July was full of Where’s Waldo scavenger hunts, fun at library story time, swimming in the pool, reading a lot, snuggling and watching 90s TV shows, and visiting family. We spent a great weekend in Poulsbo with my husband’s family and are already looking forward to the holidays with them for the first time.

We kicked August off with a Green Day concert at the White River Amphitheater. I haven’t been to a traditional concert in forever and this was more than amazing. Green Day is one my husband and son’s favorite bands in the entire world. It was so special seeing them share this moment with each other, their arms were thrown around each other and singing Basket Case together. Life gets crazy and a lot of what’s out in the world today is just sad. Billy Joel kept talking about seeing the beauty in life and then he kept showing it to us. He brought three people on stage and even gave a girl a guitar. I left feeling completely revitalized and ready for an amazing end to this summer.