Do Angels Exist?

With so much loss in the last year and a half, my son has many questions about the afterlife. I am so thankful to be a Christian during most of the conversations. It’s easy to tell him about heaven and assure him that the people that die are happy to be at peace.
Jesus always being with my son and prayer being a source of comfort was a talk I enjoyed. However, this week, my son has me stumped. He wanted to know if our loved ones are angels after they pass away. I wanted to tell him yes, that we our loved ones will always be looking down on us. But I’m not so sure.
I think the idea of angels is more of a comfort measure that we take when it’s hard to let go of someone permanently. I grew up thinking about angels as a staple in faith. However, my pastor really spun my ideas of them on the head when I was an adult. He told me that in heaven you aren’t looking down on your family members because then you wouldn’t have resolution.
That made so much sense to me. If people that passed on were keeping tabs on their family members they would also have to be exposed to all of the pain of their lives and the world. That doesn’t sound like peace to me.
The Bible supports the idea of angels but it isn’t the classic idea that many people think of. Angels aren’t cherubs that grant wishes and create miracles. They are bodiless spirits that sometimes take form to act out Gods will. Gabriel is an example of this and is believed to be an angel of high regard. Since Angels were created directly by god as messengers they are perfect. Angels are agents of the Lord, warriors. Personally, I like the thought of that kind of angel much better.
On the other hand, I don’t believe that every soul makes it to heaven immediately. When someone dies suddenly or has a lot unfinished business I think they stay here until they are ready to move on. Feelings of déjà vu, signs that feel like they comes straight from whoever you are missing, dreams. These all feel like ways that loved ones are saying goodbye to us. I think that when they are ready, their soul goes to where they are destined and then they aren’t able to communicate anymore.
So, no, we don’t become angels when we die. Angels are soldiers of the world that will protect us no matter what and are incredibly fierce. They are looking after the Christians of the world and bring messages straight from God. Seeing an angle is looking upon true grace because they have looked into the face of the Lord. This isn’t saying that human souls don’t have a divine purpose. The Bible says that we become even greater than angels because we aren’t meant to be protectors, we are meant to have eternal peace. We take form after Jesus, there’s something so beautiful in that to me.

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