April Update

Its finally spring! If only the weather would follow suit with the calendar. March was such a busy month with us and I am happy to report that my monthly views reflected that. This was my best month so far! Thank you to every single person who made a commitment to keeping up to date on my blog posts. Every share, comment, and view means so much to me.

I am looking forward to a quiet April after such a chaotic month. We traveled to Spokane for a beautiful wedding (congratulations again Nellie and Daniel!) and then to Poulsbo to say goodbye to a greatly missed aunt. Memorial services are never easy, but it was very nice to spend time with family members we rarely see. I love seeing my husband with all of his cousins and hearing stories from his childhood. Our weeks were full of birthdays and parties. My beautiful daughter turned 3, something that blows my mind. We celebrated by taking her to the new Beauty and the Best movie. I baked for a total of 10 hours one weekend to finish three culinary projects and am very excited for my cousins upcoming cupcake creation.

Editing and rewriting my book is slower than I hoped but I love what its becoming. I cant wait to share it with all of you!

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