52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 40- Baking

Baking is my happy place, so I was very excited for today’s theme. There has been so much heartbreak and fear in the news these days. I want to be informed, but end up feeling overwhelmed and terrified. Trying to voice your opinion just creates more isolation sometimes, so today I wanted to focus on things that bring me closer to the ones I love.
For me, that’s cooking. I bake cookies when my sister has a bad day, I make cakes for my loved ones birthdays, I bake banana bread for babysitting, and have so many happy memories of being the kitchen while growing up. The kitchen was where my grandma just existed. She would wake up before everyone else and make toast to have a second to herself before starting her day. It’s where she seemed the happiest.
She’s always making something and trying to feed you a snack when you visit. When I come over with good (or bad news) the dining room table is where I have had the biggest conversations of my life. I made Halloween crafts in that room, stood on a chair while she hemmed my Prom dress, and shared the news of my pregnancy. My kids have grown up with baking memories as well. I love sharing this spot in our house with them and filling it with complete happiness.
That’s what I needed this week. The kids picked out their favorite aprons and we mixed up spooky sugar cookie bars. Torie creamed the butter and sugar for us, using the ¼ cup and having to stand up to see over the counter. Mason loves adding the food coloring and used the hand mixer by himself for the very first time. They fought over who got the whisk with the most cookie dough and tried to steal M&M’s before it went in the oven. Seeing my kids enjoying something they made together, wrapped in aprons my mom bought for me, and being able to just take a deep breath and counting my blessings is the best therapy in the world.

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