52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 32- Far Away

This week fit the theme in the funniest way, we took a far away adventure. We had big plans for this week. I am doing a global scavenger hunt called gishwhes. It lasts for a week and you complete as many challenges as you can along with your team. One of the items on the list was to go to a ghost town and take a picture of at least 6 “ghosts”. It seemed like so much fun. We enlisted my husband’s brother and cousin. We originally planned on just going to Lester, a town about 2 and half hours away from us. However, the morning of our trip we saw that Lester was pretty dilapidated and there was another ghost town only an extra hour away.
Winthrop was supposed to be the home of an old mining town that was really cool and still pretty intact. We decided to go for it. The drive was three and half hours and very beautiful, but the smoke is still pretty bad in Washington from the fires in Canada. Once we got to Winthrop it was time for lunch so we stopped for pizza. The pizza was good but the bad news was that the ghost town was actually in Barron. Another hour away. It was already close to 5 pm but we pressed on. It was a total disaster! The drive was super windy and narrow. My husband was having a heart attack being able to see the drop off so close to the edge of the road. Halfway to our destination I lost service on my phone so we followed Thyler’s cousin.
Instead of reaching the ghost town, we reached the end of the road at the top of a mountain. It felt like we could see Canada from the summit. Beautiful and dusty. We realized we had taken a wrong turn and Thylers cousin also lost service on his phone. Regardless, we were now on a mission and tried to find the old campsite near Harts Pass. We drove for another hour and were maybe five miles from the site when the road washed out. By then we had been in the car for almost 7 hours. The kids were tired so we told them we would head back to Winthrop to explore.
My son started getting really car sick and thought he was going to throw up. He kept it together with promises of ice cream. Once we reached Winthrop it was past 9 and most of the town was closed. The ice cream shop stayed open for us so that my kids could pick out some treats. With chocolate in tow, we headed out for our 3 and half hour drive home.
So there you have it. The worst road trip, a far away adventure to nowhere. We didn’t accomplish one thing that we set out to do. But, we did have a road trip we will never forget.

Mason loves to bring GI Joes along with us

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