52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 26- High Angle

This week was absolute craziness, so I liked this week’s challenge being so easy to pull off. I take a high angle photo at least once a year, a photo of my kids and their cousins together. This started off as a coincidence and turned into a tradition. I adore this photo progression. Nothing else shows how our family has grown, with everything that comes with that. When I look at that very first photo I remember the fear of Bree being the hospital and the blessed relief when she finally came home and met Mason for the first time. I remember John joining our family and my sister being in love for the first time, and then not being in love anymore. I remember coming together to support each other, no matter what.

In 2014 Torie joined the family and it was just the four of them for the next two years. Christmas parties, staying up late watching Are You Afraid of the Dark together, and eating our weight in tacos and banana bread. The bigs bossing everyone around and the littles stealing toys. Going on day trips together, spending afternoons at the park, and making a huge mess painting.
2016 brought Tami Lynn to us, completing our little circle for now. It’s amazing to see my niece as a big sister and my little sister growing up in so many ways. Today we took the latest installment of the photos we love so much. This weekend was one to remember. I had my nephew John for the weekend for the first time. We had so much fun! We made cupcakes, got ice cream, had a slumber party downstairs with movies and popcorn, played hide n seek, and went to the movies. Having a house full of kids is craziness and I am beyond exhausted, but I got a million kisses and seeing all the kids together is my favorite thing in the world.

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