52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 24- Dad

This week was very special for us. We celebrated my 26th birthday, Mason graduated from preschool, Thy finished his first quarter of college, and we ended the week at Warped Tour. This year was so important to me. It was our third year going and not only Masons first Warped Tour, it was his very first concert.
When Thyler was Mason’s age he went to his very first concert, Green Day. They were his favorite band and it’s one of his favorite memories as a child. He sat on his dad’s shoulders, sang along with songs he loved, and at one point even threw a flaming ninja turtle back into the mosh pit. Music is woven into every aspect of our lives so we couldn’t wait to share this our kids.
I can’t get over how perfect Warped Tour was for Mason’s first experience with live music. He met multiple artists, taking photos with them and shaking their hands. Everyone went out of their way to make him feel welcome, giving him freebies and high fives. He sat on his Dad’s shoulders and screamed along with music that has filled our homes for years.
That day was one of those days where it felt like everything felt right. It wasn’t so hot, the venue was smaller this year so Mason wasn’t exhausted the whole time, the music was fantastic, and I got to see my husband and son share a memory both of them will treasure forever. It marked the first day that Mason would be able to look back and see himself in the music scene and always feel like he had a safe place.
At one point during I Prevail, Mason was on Thy’s shoulders and both of them had their hands in the air. I could hear their voices mixing together and their smiles were exactly the same. A beach ball got thrown our way and Thy grabbed it so that Mason could throw it in the pit. It wasn’t a ninja turtle, but it still gave me goosebumps.

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