52 Week Photo Challenge: Easter

The theme of week 15 is Easter. I usually do holiday themed photo shoots with my kids so I was excited to share this with you. This week has other plans.
My kids have had nonstop issues with allergies and colds this month and we are finally climbing out of an endless stream of boogers. My daughter is still pretty tired and boogery, but she rallied today. We watched princess movies, made and decorated Easter cookies (thank you food stirs!), and did a mini photo shoot.
The first photo we took was a silly one. We put bunny ears on Torie and put her a basket. Then we gave Mason a chalkboard reading “Bunny for Sale”. Both of the kids thought it was very funny and Mason enjoyed pretending to be upset.

52 week photo challenge easter
The second photo was using chalk, one of my favorite ways to add an extra pop of cuteness to photographs. We drew bunny ears with chalk and then wrote Happy Easter above it.
For how hectic this week was I am very happy with how these turned out. It does help that I have the cutest models in the world.

52 week photo challenge: easter

52 week photo challenge: easter

I also included two of my favorite Easter photos of my kids from 2014.

52 week photo challenge: easter

52 week photo challenge

I hope your holiday week is amazing and filled with Jesus! For a quick but very fun seasonal activity, check out our Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers for Easter.

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