5 Things Only Someone From A Big Family Understands

I am from a huge family and its such a blessing. I am one of six kids, my dad is one of six, and my grandma comes from a family even bigger. Not only that, but my mom also comes from a huge family. It’s something I have always been accustomed to. I love it, but sometimes it’s hard relating to someone from a small family, such as my husband. At my husband’s Christmas gathering there are nine people, including my family of four. Its quiet and only gets as rowdy as an occasional wrestling match between Thy and his brothers. It’s really strange to me, just one person talks at a time, and no one needs to sit on the ground. Here are 5 things only someone from a big family would understand:
1.) Growing Up in Different Generations is the Best
I got to grow up with my aunt Rosie as my big sister. She threw the best slumber parties and showed me how to do a cartwheel. I got to watch my older cousins in school plays and try on my cousin Renae’s leather pants. I also got to play with my baby cousins and watch them grow up into teens. Now, my youngest cousins are growing up with my own kids. I love being able to be special at different times, relating to them in so many different ways. I get to be the cool babysitter and even the cool big sister who takes them to get their ears pierced.
2.) There’s A Cousin for Everything
I literally have a cousin for any kind of scenario I could possibly imagine. The one who dominates at Mario, the one who does fantastic makeup and has the best clothes to borrow, the one you want to take camping because they taught you to start a fire, the one who gets your music taste entirely, and the one who has a truck that will help you move. One who becomes your mom role model, then your mom BFF, the one who plays with your kiddos. There is always a place for you to fit in and an opportunity to grow together.
3.) Hand Me Downs Could Be A Blessing Or a Curse
This is hard if you are the only girl in a family of boys, but it’s usually a good thing. Hand me downs can earn you bikes, the best clothes, and a weird variation of sports equipment and toys. It’s a tradition I adore, seeing my kids in clothes my little cousins wore. Being able to pass clothes down again, seeing my niece in something I snuggled my daughter in. It’s the most reassuring and beautiful network.
4.) There are No Secrets
This can also be a good or bad thing. When you are going through a hard time, it’s hard having everyone knowing your business and feeling like they are talking about it behind your back. Judgements come in the shovelfuls. However, the other end of this is that when you are having a hard time and need support, you don’t have to explain it to anyone. Everyone knows and wants to help you get back on your feet. There is always someone there to talk to who loves you and wants the best for you more than anything.
5.) You Always Have Friends
Cousins are your first friends. Sleepovers at grandmas house were the best part of holidays because it was our special time together. Watching Disney horror movies, telling scary stories by candlelight, filming silly skits, dancing in the living room, sleeping out in the backyard. My childhood was extraordinary because of my young aunts and uncles and the best cousins in the world. This doesn’t change as you grow up, it’s a network of friends there for you throughout your entire life.

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