4 Reasons Why Married Sex is the Best

When I was a teenager I heard a lot of things about sex. I heard jokes about driving the car before you bought it. Friends talked about not wanting to get married too young because they wanted more experiences. Sowing your wild oats is supposed to be this rite of passage in your 20s. All of that honestly sounds terrible. People talk it up to seem really freeing and fun, but they aren’t mentioning the embarrassment that comes from a bad experience, having awkward talks about STDS and birth control, and maybe even running into an ex at the worst possible time. I think that sex after marriage gets a bad rep because of how it’s portrayed on TV. Wives are portrayed as frigid and husbands are shown to be bored. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You can keep your wild oats, here are 4 reasons why married sex is the best:
1.) Being Sure About How They Feel
In marriage, there is a level of comfort. You are with each other through your absolute worst. You nurse each other back from stomach flus and have learned to deal with their grumpiness, even with grace. At the same time, you get the best of them. You aren’t spending time together to pass the time or to end up in bed together. You spend time together because you think the deepest part of who they are completely rocks. That leads to a deeper level of trust, which leads to a more honest intimacy.
2.) Sex Can Be About More Than Just Passion
When you are married, sex is about so much more than just thinking your husband is super foxy (he is, but that’s not the point.). Sex is an opportunity to show your appreciation to your partner and to connect in a way that nothing else compares to. Its celebrating together, helping each other through a dark time, its making a choice every single day to put that person above yourself. And if you are both putting each other first and making sure their journey is amazing, everyone wins.
3.) Practice Makes Perfect
Yes, I felt super creepy writing that. But that doesn’t keep it from being true! God intended for our relationships to take time and effort. This makes them beautiful. When my husband and I first married it took time to become the communicators that we are today. Its learning how the other persons brain works and what makes them happy, its being comfortable enough to ask for what you want. Its caring about each other and their needs being important to you. Being happy because they are happy. This translates into your sex life. Married sex just gets better with time. Its about not needing all of the bells and whistles because each of you are enough (but being okay with bringing them up if that’s what you’re into).
4.) Sex Can Be Funny
Getting to this degree of comfort with each other means that you don’t take yourself too seriously anymore. You don’t have to shave your legs every single day or schedule a date to make sure it happens. You can schedule it like a pro and don’t have to set aside hours because you both know what you’re doing. Also, when things go wrong, it doesn’t ruin the moment. Being able to laugh when something that would have mortified you years ago happens can be the best. Its being able to be so fully in the moment with each other that you can embrace even the worst parts of this act together.

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